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The Learning Garden

Our cooperative approach provides a unique hands-on opportunity for people of any experience level to learn about gardening and organic pest control. From fruit trees to herbs, tomatoes to berries, our humble location is a lush diversity of food and plants for pollinators.
Unlike a p-patch, you can drop-in during open garden hours. We offer education on a variety of subjects throughout the growing seasons and a place to experience both new and tried-and-true gardening techniques. There are often different levels of activity to join (and great conversations as we work) so you're sure to find something exciting to take with you each time you volunteer.

Explore the resources below to see how we are making a difference in our urban greenspace.


Activities in the Learning Garden


If you're new to gardening or looking to add to your years of experience, we welcome everyone to come join us support food security in the Hilltop neighborhood. Please reach out with any questions about our location. Bring your own gloves and tools if you wish. Families welcome! There is always something new happening and so much to learn. New and informative experiences abound. Plant potatoes, harvest herbs, propagate grapes, clean gourds for birdhouses. We are always up to something exciting.

Here are just some of the projects we do during the year that can teach you techniques for your gardening:


We have rich programming with a variety of classes both at the garden and throughout the Tacoma area. Beekeeping, tree pruning, food preservation and educational projects lead by Master Gardeners. Check out our events page for what's going on next with teaching from the Learning Garden on G street and around Tacoma.


While being at the garden is a primary way to absorb information and get hands-on experience, if you're looking for more resources or volunteer opportunities here are just a few awesome places around that you should know about. Don't see a place you love? Reach out to us!

Here are some remarkable books you can find in the Tacoma library to learn about gardening, plants, nature activities with your family, and more.

Gardening in the PNW:

Garden Interest:

Nature & Activities:

Also check out our list of Children's Books.

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Weekend Market
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