Volunteer or donate: Support the Gallucci Learning Garden

The Gallucci Learning Garden is a community initiative built on and run with a love of gardening. 

We are open to new volunteers and stewards.  Come join us! 

-Joining Gallucci is free

-Help your community: half of Gallucci's bounty goes to those in need  

-Enjoy fresh veggies: other half of bounty is divided amongst stewards

-Learn new techniques: Gallucci is a learning garden and we like to experiment

-Master Gardeners are on site and help lead the way

We want to share our knowledge and experiences with aspiring gardeners.  Help us do so here.


670 S 14th St (0.86 mi)
Tacoma, Washington 98405

Have any questions? FAQ's

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670 S 14th St
Tacoma, Washington 98405