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Volunteer & Donate: Support the Gallucci Learning Garden

The Gallucci Learning Garden is a community initiative built on and run with a love of gardening. In the gardening season we are open to new volunteers and stewards.

  • Joining Gallucci is free.

  • Help your community: half of Gallucci's bounty goes to those in need. 

  • Enjoy fresh veggies: the other half of our bounty is divided among the stewards.

  • Learn new techniques: Gallucci is a learning garden open to experimentation.

  • Master Gardeners are on site and help lead the way.

We are eager to share our knowledge and experiences with aspiring gardeners. 

You can also help the gardening by purchasing or donating items from our wishlist.


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Have any questions? FAQ's

1401 S G Street
Tacoma, Washington 98405

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