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We'd Like to Thank

The Learning Garden is a non-profit supported by generous patrons, grants, and plant sales. We could not provide food security for the Hilltop neighborhood without the support of our partners and local connections.

Ben E Cheney.jpg

GLG thanks the Ben B. Cheney Foundation for their generous grant and support. Their help assists us in growing food for those in need and pursuing our garden education initiatives.

392935707_383702650645999_2409447927185105344_nThe Russell Family Foundation.jpg

GLG thanks the Russell Family Foundation for their generous support. Their help assists us in keeping the garden going to provide a space for hands-on learning in the community.

More Ways to Help

Wear the garden. Buy hats, shirts, stickers, mugs & more

Follow us on social media and watch our educational videos

Donate Wishlist items that help keep the garden running

Volunteer your time. Join us in the garden for more learning fun.

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