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Fundraiser Plant Sale 2024

Plant Sale Preview - April 23, 2022.jpg
Plant Food - May 19, 2022.jpg

Grow with us! Amazing prices, great cause.


Get growing with healthy, locally cultivated plants. A variety of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs grown in our greenhouse as well as blueberries, figs, and pollinators propagated from our own property. Amazing prices, great cause. This sale benefits our non-profit. All proceeds return to the garden to help support our mission of food security in the neighborhood.


Come talk with our Master Gardeners! We are here to share knowledge and support gardeners of all skill levels. We love questions. You can also enjoy our YouTube channel for more. There will be plenty of information available at the sale about caring for your new plants so you don't have to worry about next steps.


The plant sale will be in the garden on the plaza. This event happens rain or shine. We try to have recycled boxes to help with the transportation of your purchases, but feel free to bring your own containers as well. We accept cash, Paypal, debit & credit card.


Gallucci Learning Garden

1401 South G St Tacoma, Washington 98405 


APRIL 20 & 21

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


This is a free event. Tell your friends!  Check our Events Page for even more upcoming events. We will also be at the Master Gardener Foundation of Pierce County Plant Sale. Come see us there!



  • Black Prince - Dark skinned juicy slicer

  • Red Pear - Large meaty slicer from Italy

  • Astrakhanskie - Big red beefsteak, early Russian

  • Midnight Pear - Dark red large cherry

  • Orange Paruche - The quintessential flavor of summer is captured in these sweet and flavorful fruit. This Indeterminate excels in productivity with astonishing quantities of brilliant, glowing orange fruit that are irresistible, and vitamin packed.

  • Stupice - This cold-tolerant tomato ripens to sweet, red, slightly oval, 2 inch fruit. It consistently gets high marks for taste throughout the summer. Pumps out fruit over the entire season. Indeterminate potato leaf variety.

  • Jaune Flamme - A gorgeous study in contrasts, with bright orange skin surrounding reddish flesh that is a rare find in heirloom tomatoes! Fruits are slightly larger than cherry varieties, about 2 to 3 oz., with thick walls that still remain tender and flavorful. Sweet, high-yielding and especially valued as a salad tomato for its beautiful appearance. Indeterminate.

  • Cherokee Purple - Similar to red-fruited Cherokee but much darker. Vigorous indeterminate plants produce slightly flattened, 13–14 ounce tomatoes with a purple cast and a good, rich flavor. Shoulders will remain green when ripe. Indeterminate & heirloom.

  • Rose Quartz - Rosy, pink mid-season cherry Japanese origin

  • San Marzano - The granddaddy of the San Marzano family of sauce tomatoes. This one still ranks among the richest roma types we’ve trialed and is high in sugars, pectin, and flavor for the very best in sauces, pastes, and soups. The rosy red fruit are meaty and thick-walled, reaching up to 5 inches long, and gather on the indeterminate plants in thick clusters.

  • Gold Nugget - The round to slightly oval cherry tomatoes have a deep-yellow color. The flavor is well-balanced and delicious, and most of the early fruits are seedless. Healthy, compact plants with a concentrated early set. Determinate & heirloom.

  • Tsindao - Dark skin, olive striped slicer northeastern China

  • Sungold - The fruity or tropical flavor is a big hit with everyone who tastes it. The bright apricot-orange round globes are 1 ¼ inches across and are borne on long, 10–15 fruit, grape-like trusses. The vigorous indeterminate vines produce equally well in the field and the early spring greenhouse.

  • Lemon Boy Plus - Lemon yellow, not golden in color. Highly adaptable plants yield large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6 to 7 oz. and about 3-1/2" across. Out-yields all other "golden" tomatoes available. Indeterminate. Mild flavored and adds an inviting color to salads. Hybrid.

  • Gill’s All Purpose - A cross between Wasatch Beauty and Pepper tomato, Gill’s All Purpose was bred in 1947 by the Gill Brothers Seed Company in Portland, Oregon. Outstanding yields of 3–3 ½ inch deep red fruit with rich tomato flavor. Determinate plants are quite disease resistant.

  • Heirloom Marriage Genuwine - These luscious, ruby-red slicers are the result of a cross of Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese, two of our most delicious heirloom varieties. This fusion produces beautiful, slightly squat, globe-shaped tomatoes with the most delectable flavor. The indeterminate plants are ready to harvest two weeks before either of the parent plants.



  • Cosmos: Xsenia - prefers full sun. Pollinator, deadhead to keep it blooming. 

  • Scabiosa: Salmon Queen - sweet smelling pollinator. Long stems to 3' and an abundance of flowers.

  • Statice, pastel colors - long lasting. Perfect for cut bouquets or dried flower projects. 

  • Borage - flowering herb with many garden uses. Edible flowers with a light cucumber taste. Unbelievable pollinator

  • Sunflowers - a variety of colors and heights to fill your garden with color.

  • Snapdragon: Orange Wonder & Black Prince - partial to full sun. 2.5-3 feet tall with edible blooms.

  • Zinnias - all colors and heights

  • Black Eyed Susan - vine, grows 3–8 ft. tall, 3–6 ft. wide. Perfect for hanging containers.

  • Marigold: Jester - annual, seed from Ukraine, 3’ tall, ruby red, deep yellow stripes flowers, pollinator 


  • Peperoncino - Italian heirloom, early season, low to med heat, compact plant, small round fruits, great for stuffing and preserving 80 days

  • Red Marconi - Italian heirloom sweet pepper, early season, great for stuffing or grilling 80 days

  • Fish Pepper - African American heirloom, med to hot heat, both pepper and leaves can be striated or speckled, begin white to orange with dark brown striations, matures to solid red for culinary fire. 80 days

  • Mad Hatter - South American/Bolivian heirloom, big bushy prolific sweet, floral, citrus notes, and touch of heat. 80 days. The plant’s vigor, earliness, high yields, large size and awesome taste all contribute to its high score among AAS judges. Mad Hatter is a member of the Capsicum baccatum pepper species from South America commonly used in Bolivian and Peruvian cuisine. (3-sided hat shape)

  • Shishito - Early vigorous Asian variety, thin walled 2-4” fruit, mild, savory, heavily wrinkled 60 days. very similar to Padron (Asian cousin) great for grilling, more heat if allowed to ripen to red. 

  • Perone - Italian sweet pepper, “Red Horn of the Bull”, 8” brilliant red, thin-skinned pepper, great for frying 80 days AAS winner

  • Jalafuego - Early, large and productive jalapeno pepper

  • Bastan Poblano - High yields, mostly two lobed, excellent fried, stuffed or roasted or in chili rellenos 80 days

  • Nadapeno - Heatless jalapeno pepper 75 days

  • Biquinho - Brazilian origin, covered with small yellow, tangy, sweet, hint of heat peppers 80 days 

  • Pathfinder - Serrano, sturdy, prolific plant, deep green pepper


  • Casper - White, compact plant, 6’-2’ with mild flesh

  • Listada de Gandia - Sweet tender thin skinned, compact plant, heavy

  • Pingtung Long - Earlier fruit than most eggplant, 12’ long with lavender
    skin, vigorous

  • Snowy - White, Italian eggplant, vigorous, teardrop shaped fruit

  • Japanese White Egg - Rich flavor, 2’3” wide fruit, heavy yields

  • Astrakom - Tasty black eggplant early, compact plant, tear drop shape

  • Jewel Amethyst - Petite plant with tiny purple fruit, great in a pot



  • Basil: Genovese Italian - large leaf basil. Pinching to create more branching, thus more leaves to enjoy. Must have hot location to thrive. Grows well with tomatoes. 

  • Summer Savory

  • Rosemary

  • Bay Leaf


  • Bluecrop: Ripens mid, firm berries, excellent for fresh or freezing. 4' - 6' upright plant.

  • Bluegold: Ripens early, smaller plant with sweet berries.

  • Blue Ray: Ripens mid, firm berries, excellent for fresh or freezing. 4' - 6' upright plant.

  • Duke: Ripens early-mid, large very firm berries, that are mildly sweet. Excellent for Fresh or Freezing. 4' - 6' upright plant.

  • Elliott: Ripens late, medium sized berries. Sweet, excellent for fresh, freezing, baking, cooking. Vibrant fall colors. 4' - 6' upright plant.

  • Northland: Ripens early-mid, large sweet berries. Excellent specimen plant for yard with nice foliage and fall colors, growing to 4 feet tall.

  • Patriot: Ripens early-mid, large berries. Excellent for fresh or freezing. 5' - 6' spreading plant.

  • Spartan: Ripens mid, large berries. Thicker skin make these a great berry for baking and freezing. 4' - 6' plant.






We will have many more plants and other items at this event to sell to raise money. We will also have plants at events around town in the future. Look for more learning opportunities from the Gallucci Learning Garden at Tacoma Public library events. Join us for our annual tomato tasting event August 17th, 2024!

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