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community nourishment

We are a cooperative community garden in downtown Tacoma and a 2020 recipient of a Tacoma Creates grant for educational outreach. Stewards work together to grow and share produce. 50% of what we grow is donated to support food security in our neighborhood.

Learn new skills and enjoy the garden! We have volunteer hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can commit for the season as a garden steward or drop-in for a day. We welcome all helping hands! All volunteers share in part of the harvest after we donate our bounty to local food banks. Send us a message if you would like more information!

March - October

Wednesday 9 am - 11 am

Saturday 9 am - 12 pm



Our partners include:

  • Catholic Workers

  • Jesuit Volunteer Corp

  • Guadalupe House

  • L'Arche Farms

  • Harvest Pierce County

  • Tacoma Creates

  • WSU Master Gardeners

  • G Street Neighborhood

  • Ben B. Cheney

  • Tacoma Garden Club

  • Lakewood Hardware

  • Palmer Scholars

  • Univ of Puget Sound

  • Univ of W/Tacoma

  • Mt. Tahoma HS agriculture program

  • Metropolitan Market

  • Oakland High School


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GLG thanks the Ben B. Cheney Foundation for their generous grant and support. Their help assists us in growing food for those in need and pursuing our garden education initiatives.


1401 South G St
Tacoma, Washington 98405 


The Gallucci Learning Garden is part of a larger network of gardens in the Hilltop owned and managed by the Tacoma Urban Land Trust. These gardens include the Hilltop House Orchard and the Viet Huong Community Garden. The Tacoma Urban Land Trust’s mission is to acquire and preserve green spaces in our Hilltop community, help connect neighbors to one another, nourish and sustain our ethnic diversity, and provide education to our younger and older community members as well as provide space to grow nutritious foods.

2022 The garden is open and preparing delicious harvests.

2021 Mission is under development due to COVID.

2020 Enhanced Mission: Food security for our downtown Tacoma neighbors. Our mission at the Gallucci Learning Garden is to provide food for our downtown neighbors, volunteer and learning opportunities for the local community, and a place to learn to grow fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables within a cooperative gardening group. We will double our efforts in 2020 to grow as much produce as possible to support our partners in helping feed the homeless in Tacoma. New goals for will be a children's section of the garden where families can explore gardening through interactive activities.

2019 We began a partnership with Palmer Scholars to offer service learning and hands-on science to high school seniors. 


Founders, past workers, and current stewards of Gallucci. 

Seasonal goals and plantings.

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Every summer we schedule a range of events and classes.

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